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Advance e720 Accelerator Board for HP BladeSystem

ClearSpeed Technology has released its Advance e720 accelerator board using the company’s CSX700 processor. The Advance e720 is a PCIe Type II mezzanine card designed specifically to fit within HP BladeSystem c-Class server blades. 

It combines enhanced features and good pricing to achieve more than twice the price/performance of prior generations of accelerators while consuming approximately 30 per cent less power.

The Advance e720 accelerator board is ideal for HP BladeSystem customers with technical computing applications, such as computational electromagnetics (CEM), financial analytics, and life sciences. 

The e720 delivers 96 Gflops of 64-bit, double precision performance, increasing Linpac benchmark scores by more than 50 per cent and Black Scholes-related workloads by up to 100 per cent compared to standard BladeSystem servers.

Advance e720 accelerators require no additional space and consume minimal additional power, maximising the compute density of the BladeSystem c-Class architecture.  

The ClearSpeed Advance e720 board has passed HP’s BladeSystem compatibility test suite and has been designated as HP BladeSystem c-Class Compatible. The Advance e720 will be available in volume from ClearSpeed in early Q3 of this year.


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