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Active Infrastructure for HPC Life Sciences

Dell has launched its Active Infrastructure for HPC Life Sciences solution, a pre-integrated, high-performance computing (HPC) platform optimised for the analysis of genomic sequences.

According to a May 2012 editorial in Personalized Medicine by Harvard Medical School’s Mark Boguski, the third wave of medical genomics once again shifts the burden for progress onto computing, owing to the proliferation of low-cost, efficient systems for sequencing DNA. From disciplines as diverse as cancer treatment, drug design, agriculture, biofuel, and forensics, comes a digital deluge of data that demands an appropriately matched HPC platform.

Bright Computing is providing cluster and workload management for Dell’s Active Infrastructure for HPC Life Sciences solution, which enables organisations, researchers and clinicians to accelerate time-to-insight with an easy-to-deploy, open standards-based architecture designed for performance, scalability and efficiency.

By using Bright Cluster Manager in the solution, Dell says it is enabling customers to store, manage, and analyse growing genomic data sets, increasing the focus on science and patients, not on complex infrastructure management.

Servers, memory, storage, networking, cluster interconnect, management and software development tools are pre-configured and pre-installed in a single, 42-unit rack. From the management perspective, Bright Cluster Manager provisions, monitors and manages the entire computational subsystem.


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