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ACD/Spectrus DB

ACD/Labs, a chemistry software company that develops and commercialises enterprise and desktop solutions to support R&D efforts and preserve and re-use legacy chemical and analytical knowledge, has announced the commercial availability of ACD/Spectrus DB. At the core of the Spectrus integrated analytical and chemical knowledge management platform, this powerful database represents a three-year effort resulting in the completion of the Spectrus platform, which provides a variety of productivity-increasing enhancements, collaborative science, and the preservation of analytical intelligence.

‘Development of Spectrus DB is a re-evaluation of the knowledge management tools that have been used by our customers for years,’ said Hans de Bie, director of Informatics Solutions and Services at ACD/Labs. ‘Customers that deploy our solutions at both the local and global level are emphatic that our system captures chemical and analytical knowledge beyond anything that other informatics systems are capable of. The new generation of our existing platform provides a uniform environment that takes advantage of ACD/Labs' strengths in analytical data handling, and directly addresses the business concerns of the industry.’


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