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Abbott Informatics launches Starlims Technology Platform 11.6

Abbott Informatics is pleased to announce the launch of version 11.6 of the world-class STARLIMS Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS).

The new and improved STARLIMS Technology Platform has been designed to fuel growth within organizations and help them gain maximum value from all their laboratory data. Whether your business is in clinical research or in manufacturing, STARLIMS solutions offer a user-friendly, intelligent platform for managing and analyzing test results, metadata and key business information, in real time.

Abbott Informatics’ STARLIMS Technology Platform, is built around an improved HTML5 infrastructure that supports current desktop, server and mobile operating systems. Secure and adaptable, STARLIMS provides virtually seamless and secure communication, and automated reporting. The updated platform’s XFD to HTML5 converter is designed to simplify generating HTML5 applications from XFD, using existing tools, workflows and even text. Take the stress out of learning new technologies by leveraging existing code base from XFD applications. 

This release also introduces the ability to run XFD based systems in 64-bit mode on client-side. This comes in addition to the already supported 64-bit on the server-side. By running in 64 bit the client-side applications can take advantage of the extra memory available to 64 bit processes, therefore more data can be processed at once.

Abbott has announced a new partnership with Data Innovation which has streamlined the ability to interface STARLIMS with an even more extensive range of third party laboratory instrumentation. Fully integrated with STARLIMS, the Data Innovation tool allows two-way exchange of information between business applications and instruments. Automated, real time results and information capture minimizes the need for manual data entry and the chance of transcription errors. STARLIMS ensures the integrity of all your data at every stage of the lab workflow, and frees scientists to get on with key tasks rather than type in numbers.

Updated to meet the needs of high volume, complex data, STARLIMS also comes with an enhanced scientific data management system (SDMS) that supports greater information load and complexity from more instruments, so users can be confident that big data is never an issue. It all adds up to faster configuration, greater flexibility and more insightful visualization and analysis of data.

Finally, the updated technology platform will also include the new STARLIMS Advanced Analytics (AA) 10.3 which introduces new functionality in both the Advanced Analytics Builder and Server, to improve overall user experience for designers building workbooks with the AA Builder and end-users accessing workbooks through STARLIMS.

‘STARLIMS Technology Platform 11.6 enhances and further expands on the already powerful and mature version 11 platform,’ added Jacqueline Barberena, Global Marketing and Product Development Director at Abbott Informatics. ‘STARLIMS Technology Platform 11.6 helps labs across the world deliver faster turnaround and delivery of valuable insights for critical-decision making.’

‘At Abbott Informatics innovation and understanding our customer needs is key,’ stated Mark Spencer, divisional vice president and general manager at Abbott Informatics. ‘We are excited to announce the launch of the STARLIMS Technology Platform 11.6. The new and powerful HTML5 infrastructure and other critical enhancements will help ensure laboratories around the world are delivering high quality, safe products to market faster.’


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