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4800 Plus/Protein Pilot

Applied Biosystems/MDS SCIEX has updated its 4800 Plus and its ProteinPilot proteomics software. These new advances are designed to enable non-expert proteomics instrument users to achieve higher throughput sample processing, greater depth of proteome coverage, greater statistical rigour, more confident protein detection and better quantitative results

The 4800 Plus proteomics analyser can identify thousands of proteins in a biological sample, providing an improved platform for larger sample studies. The latest ProteinPilot software is designed to maximise the information that can be obtained from the combination of the 4800 Plus and Applied Biosystems iTRAQ reagents, delivering more accurate protein detection, easier management and broader support for quantification.

These latest tools are designed to be compatible with the future commercial release of the 8-plex version of the Applied Biosystems iTRAQ reagents.


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