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XenoBiotic Labs chose Debra LIMS

Contract research organisation XenoBiotic Laboratories (XBL) has purchased LabLogic Systems' Debra LIMS solution to manage ADME data at its New Jersey research facility.

Dennis Heller, XBL's vice-president for pharmaceutical development, said: ‘Getting accurate data to our clients quicker is our prime imperative.  After seeing the latest version of Debra, which includes a new module to perform protein binding assays and the ability to pool metabolism samples, we realised that now was the time to move forward with LabLogic’s solution.  We are also expanding our capabilities with the addition of QWBA study support in early 2009 and will be using Debra to centralise all WBA study data.’ 

President Jinn Wu added that XBL is also intending to implement Debra at its new facility in China once its ADME and bioanalytical services have been set up in 2009.

With the addition of Debra LIMS and QWBA study support, XBL can enhance its ADME and bioanalysis available to the pharmaceutical, animal health and agrochemical industries.


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