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Siemens to use electromagnetic design software to optimise wind generators

Cobham Technical Services has been awarded for its Opera electromagnetic design tool by Siemens Wind Power.

Fast and accurate electromagnetic simulation helps wind turbine suppliers to make breakthroughs in wind turbine design. The Siemens design team employs the Opera electromagnetic simulator from the Vector Fields Software product line of Cobham Technical Services to help it develop new generator concepts, and often runs thousands of simulations within a few hours to discover the best design solution for applications.

Opera was selected as a core design automation aid following an in-depth review of tools on the market, because of the package's speed and efficiency, and its ability to cross-couple with other software used in the overall equipment design.

When designing new wind turbine generators, wind turbine designers typically exploit the package's two-dimensional (2D) simulation capability to rapidly find 'sweet spots' in the design space. Siemens' wind turbine generators are large machines, with a large number of poles, but the fast execution of Opera 2D simulations means that the designers are free to explore new architectural concepts very thoroughly.


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