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IDBS announces six-month product launch plan

IDBS has outlined a range of products to be launched over the next six months, including web-based releases of its integrated enterprise software platforms.

R&D working practices are becoming more flexible, with particular attention to mobile data collection and access. In July, IDBS released a web-based version of its award-winning E-WorkBook product to support searching and reviewing content while on the move. The next release of E-WorkBook Web will support editing of a wide range of content as well as web-based review and sign-off, enabling researchers to collect, calculate, store, search and use data across a wide range of browsers.

This Autumn, IDBS will release ActivityBase 8. This release enhances personal productivity and performance at a time of increasing data volumes, and further eases administration and deployment through a revolutionary web-based interface. Registration of samples and administration can be carried out securely and remotely to make the process of high capacity experimentation even more efficient.

With the launch of Biomolecular Hub earlier this year, omics researchers were provided with unprecedented data management capability for their high volume complex data. To further enhance this research, IDBS will launch a high-capacity omics analysis system at the IDBS Translational Research & Biomarker Symposium event in October. This builds upon the scalable infrastructure it has developed to give lightning fast analysis of high context omic data, molecular analysis and research collaboration.


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