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Visualization Sciences Group (VSG) acquires Noesis

Visualization Sciences Group (VSG) has acquired Noesis, a leader in image processing and analysis software.

For more than 20 years, Noesis has been developing software solutions addressing advanced image processing needs in scientific and industrial applications. Around its flagship product Visilog, Noesis has developed a unique expertise in image processing and analysis. It has further used this know-how in developing custom algorithms and workflows to solve specific cases in various application areas, from materials analysis to biology and pharmaceuticals.

VSG develops Avizo Fire, a software application that provides advanced 3D visualisation and quantification capabilities to researchers and engineers who require great insight into complex 3D image data, in materials science, geosciences, environmental or engineering applications.

Noesis has been a long-time partner of VSG, providing an integrated version of its Visilog software as advanced quantification module of Avizo Fire. The acquisition of Noesis by VSG will provide even more performance to the combination of the Visilog image processing and quantification capabilities with the Avizo Fire’s 3D visualisation, analysis and communication tools.


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