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CLC Bio to develop integral analysis platform for epigenetics

CLC Bio has announced its participation in the European FP7 project, STATegra, and will receive $1.3 million out of the total $7.8M budget.

STATegra aims to develop a user-friendly integral analysis platform for different omics data that is capable of providing a more efficient use of genomics technologies. As a first, this project will generate and integrate data obtained in proteomic, metabolomic and epigenomic experiments.

'One of the big challenges today is going past the raw sequence data and getting to grips with the complexity of epigenetic processes how, when and why are certain genes switched off or expressed?' said senior bioinformatics scientist at CLC bio, Dr Michael Lappe.

He continues: 'By working together with leading experimental researchers and using our in-house competences in world-class software engineering, we aim to leverage a framework which makes this extremely complex network biology understandable. Ultimately our tools will facilitate the translation of massive amounts of data into useful insights that can be applied in clinical settings.'


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