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UK distributor of Agilent VEE software named

Amplicon has the exclusive distribution rights to Agilent VEE software, including VEE Pro. 

VEE Pro can reduce product development time thanks to report engines and a powerful debug tool. Amplicon is offering the software as an effective tool to speed up development of measurement and control, analysis, test system and data acquisition applications.   

Agilent VEE Pro 8.5 is an easy to operate, open graphical programming environment providing a quick way to create and automate measurements and tests. It is optimised to use with data acquisition devices such as oscilloscopes and DMMs along with data acquisition cards. Engineers and scientists can connect any device to VEE Pro using GPIB, LAN, USB or busses such as a PCI or PXI. These specifications help increase productivity as VEE Pro software allows all of these solutions to be connected into one test system.

The latest version of Agilent VEE Pro provides seamless access to Microsoft Vista support, colour coding of objects and support for Microsoft Office 2007. Additional software includes an embedded Matlab script and a MathWorks Signal Processing Toolbox which delivers 1800 Matlab functions. These additions allow maths analysis, visualisation and signal processing insights to be gathered more rapidly.


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