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Thomson Reuters and ChemAxon partner to aid life science researchers

ChemAxon and Thomson Reuters have announced a strategic partnership that will allow end users to analyse Markush structures using ChemAxon’s JChem chemical software platform. Part of Thomson Reuters' Derwent World Patents Index (DWPISM) database, the Markush structures database contains essential data on the relationship or ‘families’ of 550,000 patents and is a resource for life sciences patentability research, competitive intelligence and IP screening. ChemAxon’s JChem software allows life science professionals to structure and visualise chemical compounds for property prediction, virtual synthesis, screening and drug design.

‘The ability to search and visualise complex chemical patents is critical to the work of life science R&D professionals. To date, however, this has been a challenge as there wasn’t a tool that enabled R&D end users to do this type of work themselves,’ said Cindy Poulos, vice president of product management, Thomson Reuters. ‘Through this partnership, Thomson Reuters and ChemAxon are making a comprehensive worldwide database of chemical compounds widely accessible in a user-friendly, flexible format.’


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