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Partnership aims to improve sustainability of electronics

Hexagon's Manufacturing Intelligence division have entered a strategic partnership with Altium to improve the sustainability of electronics design and manufacturing. The partnership will integrate Hexagon's Nexus platform and the Altium 365 platform to address four key areas: Manufacturing and Design sustainability; innovation, and sustainable solutions for enterprise.

John Mitchell, President and CEO of industry standards group IPC, comments: "Altium's expertise in PCB design and supply chain, combined with Hexagon's metrology and analytics capabilities, strengthens the company's position as a leading authority for the electronics industry on environmental sustainability and a valued partner in IPC initiatives, including our soon-to-be-announced Sustainability Leadership Council.”

The partnership is wide-ranging, with developments planned throughout 2023 and beyond, with initial solutions focusing on reducing eWaste (electronic waste) through carbon dioxide impact tracking and recyclability improvements made available through Hexagon's Nexus digital reality platform and the Altium 365 platform electronics product design platform that unites PCB design, MCAD, data management, and teamwork.

Ted Pawela, Chief Ecosystem Officer at Altium, added: “Sustainability is a key talking point on the executive agendas of nearly every company in our industry. Our partnership with Hexagon will enable real progress in tracking and reporting – and most importantly - an improvement on the key sustainability metrics our customers need to address. We look forward to ongoing collaboration with IPC and Hexagon to help create a more sustainable future for our industry."


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