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Agriculture genomics gains high-performance computing solution

Collaboration between Biogemma, GenomeQuest and SGI has resulted in the first high-performance computing solution deployed for agriculture genomics. Serving three international breeding companies and one French technical institute, Biogemma has installed the GenomeQuest solution for sequence data management and analysis on the SGI Altix UV 1000 at its research headquarters. The GenomeQuest workflows used are RNA-Seq analysis, multi-genome analysis, de novo assembly, and polymorphisms discovery from SNP to large rearrangement.

Olivier Dugas, head of Upstream Genomics at Biogemma, commented: ‘With the advent of next generation sequencing (NGS), our data delivery rate for species of interest is approaching hundreds of Gigabases per month and we will be dealing in Tbytes by the end of 2011. With this collaboration and the unique technologies from GenomeQuest and SGI, our researchers are equipped to handle these huge data sets and perform the complex analytical processes that will lead to powerful genomic-based discoveries. For example, working at whole-genome resolution, we can now identify SNP and structural variations between individual plants and across hundreds of samples.’

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