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Testing lab chooses automated lab software

Stat Analysis, an environmental, microbiology, air and product testing laboratory in Chicago, has selected LabCore to automate its CLP-like data package assembly and management. The LabCore software will also be used to automate the capture of chromatograms from lab instruments and archive them in LabCore's searchable repository for near-instantaneous access.

According to Don R Cortes, laboratory director of Stat Analysis: 'The need for complete data packages to accompany analytical results has greatly increased at Stat due to high profile environmental and product testing projects. These data packages take the form of level-4, CLP-like reports and various other formats for site closure and litigation support. In addition, management of paper generated from day-to-day operations requires significant effort and expense. After considering many general purpose LIMS systems, STAT decided that LabCore Document Management System would best meet its needs to efficiently assemble, track and deliver accurate, complete reports, all within a near paperless system. We look forward to the ability to quickly produce a complete data package, regardless of whether the need arises before or after project completion.'

LabCore's laboratory document management solution will retrieve chromatograms from laboratory instruments allowing analyst to electronically comment, annotate and sign them. The chromatograms are stored in a central searchable repository with full document controls such as audit trails and versioning. Stat Analysis will benefit from LabCore's Report and Package Manager, which dramatically reduces costs to produce and store complex CLP-Like and CLP data packages. LabCore intercepts and extracts instrument data, scanned documents, electronic documents, email, LIMS/external data and associated metadata such as work order and customer numbers from systems throughout the lab. The LabCore Report and Package Manager then stores and tracks all these documents and data and assembles and paginates the specified reports. It then automatically creates a table of contents on-the-fly when all required documents and data are available.


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