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Sunny outlook for LSI's Nebula project

LSI has announced that it is working with Nebula to simplify the deployment of scalable storage in cost-effective, easy-to-use, private cloud computing infrastructures, while maintaining enterprise-level storage reliability.

Nebula provides systems that enable businesses to easily, securely and inexpensively build large cloud computing infrastructures. The companies will work together on advanced storage solutions to inexpensively accelerate sharing and storing in an OpenStack environment.

'LSI’s extensive experience in data protection and storage reliability combined with the Nebula One solution will enable higher-performance storage layers, helping customers extract more value from their infrastructure investments,' said Greg Huff, senior vice president and chief technology officer at LSI.

We are excited to work with their development team to create these exciting application acceleration and high-performance, low-cost data-sharing solutions for cloud computing environments dealing with today’s massive data deluge, and to collaborate on new open standards and certification.'

LSI solutions for the OpenStack and overall cloud computing environment currently include its Nytro flash-based application acceleration products and Syncro sharable storage solutions, as well as its line of SAS and MegaRaid products.

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