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Tech-X opens subsidiary in Zurich

Tech-X has established a subsidiary in Zurich, Switzerland, to better service the growing market for its software products and consulting services in physics simulations and HPC.

Dr John Cary, CEO of Tech-X, said: 'Having an office in Switzerland enables us to better serve our customers in the scientific community throughout Europe. As well as enabling "discovery-class" science, we're really looking forward to working with universities, labs, and industry by providing computational solutions for improved product development.'

'High-performance computing is becoming increasingly important to all areas of science and engineering, either for processing massive amounts of data or in using computer simulations as a cost saving measure in the product development cycle,' said Dr Peter Messmer, CEO of Tech-X in Zurich. 'Emerging heterogeneous computer architectures provide an especially attractive option, offering tremendous performance at a low cost, thus making high-performance computing affordable to a broad base of customer applications. We are excited to support our European clients with the products, technologies, and expertise that have served the US Government, industry, and academia for well over a decade.'

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