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High praise for PRACE

Since 2012, PRACE has been offering European companies an industrial R&D service, based on a set of complementary high-level services including information and networking, training, access to leading HPC resources and expertise, and code-enabling of open-source applications. Now this documented project offer has been recognised as an effort in catalysing European industrial competitiveness.

The FP7 Success Story Competition highlights the three best success stories from the FP7 Capacities funding programme in e-Infrastructures. Project success stories in the competitive industry category show how the project made Europe a more attractive location to invest in research and innovation, by promoting activities where businesses set the agenda. The project is aimed at helping innovative SMEs to grow into world-leading companies.

PRACE's proposal paper, How E-research Infrastructures can Catalyse European industrial Competitiveness, was selected as the winner of the competitive industry category. The paper describes PRACE's continuous commitment to develop services for industry to benefit from PRACE research infrastructure.

Since the establishment of the PRACE Open R&D industrial offer in January 2012, PRACE has been able to attract more than 10 European companies; large companies as well as SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) for using its HPC facilities as well as the other high-value services.

'This award in "competitive industries" will foster our motivation to work on engaging industrial users on the PRACE research infrastructure in order to boost European competitiveness,' said Stephane Requena, author of the project paper and member of the board of directors of PRACE.

'PRACE is working on increasing the use of a leading European infrastructure by all academic and industrial communities and is catalysing technological transfer between academia and industry through open innovation projects,' added Requena.

'In that sense we are working in the field of the FP7 funded PRACE-3IP implementation project on a tailored evangelisation programme called SHAPE (SME HPC Adoption Programme in Europe) which aims to help SMEs to co-design and demonstrate a concrete industrial project on PRACE facilities.'

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