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PRACE selects 22 applications for final benchmarking

PRACE, the Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe, has selected 22 applications for the final PRACE application benchmark suite. The benchmark suite covers application areas from the PRACE Research Infrastructure's future user base, ranging from particle physics through computational chemistry and fluid dynamics to earth sciences and astronomy. The selected applications have enough scalability potential to run on petascale systems and beyond.

Several aspects were taken into account when creating the final benchmark suite: PRACE investigated the actual usage of scientific applications in Europe, including their industrial usage, and the scalability and performance of the applications were tested on the PRACE prototype Tier-0 platforms.

The PRACE benchmark suite was prepared in such a way that it offers high flexibility. This includes the possibility to use a subset of the full benchmark suite for procurement of specific Tier-0 architectures. Ease of use of the benchmark suite is assured by its integration into the flexible JUBE (Jülich Benchmark Environment) framework, which includes verification procedures.

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