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Boston ships Viridis server

Manufacturing and worldwide distribution of Boston’s Viridis server, based on Calxeda EnergyCore SoC (System on a Chip) ultra-low power ARM processors, has begun. The company states that its Viridis platform is the first to enter general availability in a new generation of data centre servers based on technology from ARM, whose chip designs power consumer devices, such as the Apple iPhone. The ultra-low-powered Calxeda EnergyCore SoC is designed specifically to provide supercomputing performance while consuming as little as five Watts per SoC.

Provisioned within a 2U enclosure, each Boston Viridis unit contains up to 12 quad-node EnergyCards with built-in Layer-2 networking, plus storage in the form of up to 24 local SATA disks or MicroSD cards. With up to 48 nodes per enclosure, this highly dense solution contains up to 900 servers per industry standard 42U rack.

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