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Partnership opens the way to fault-tolerant quantum computing

Eviden and Alice & Bob have announced a partnership to make Alice & Bob patented cat qubit technology accessible to end users in QaptivaTM, Eviden’s quantum application development platform.

Cédric Bourrasset, Global Head of HPC-AI and Quantum Computing at Eviden, Atos Group: “The QaptivaTM platform enables our customers to explore the rich universe of quantum computing technologies, and today’s addition makes it richer than ever. Alice & Bob’s cat qubits are a fascinating building block for fault-tolerant quantum computers.”

Pioneered by Alice & Bob, cat qubits are an approach to solving quantum computing’s biggest problem: computation errors. Their innovative hardware-efficient design will reduce the hardware requirements for a fault-tolerant quantum computer by up to 60 times compared to other qubit technologies.

By featuring Alice & Bob’s cat qubits as an emulation target, Eviden takes its QaptivaTM application development platform on the way to fault-tolerant quantum computing.

Théau Peronnin, CEO at Alice & Bob: “We are very excited to partner with Eviden and bring our customers to the future of quantum computing: error correction and fault-tolerance. We are on a mission to escape decoherence, and QaptivaTM is the perfect platform to show how this can be achieved.”

Its users will now be able to learn how to use the biased noise of cat qubits to implement quantum error correction, a crucial mechanism to escape the noise plaguing all quantum computers.

The power of QaptivaTM enables one to experiment with cat qubits and emulate the behaviour of architectures creating several logical qubits, each made with several physical qubits. Cat qubits will also be supported as a compilation target to improve current quantum algorithms. Access to real quantum computers featuring cat qubits and optimised compilation will be available down the road.

This partnership highlights the vitality of the French quantum ecosystem, which features 5 major hardware manufacturers, major software and cloud players, strong governmental support and cutting-edge end-user companies.


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