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EU computing vendor announces consulting business

Atos has announced the launch of Technology Consulting, a new portfolio of advisory services for C-suite executives, designed to enable them to best leverage existing and new technologies to achieve their business objectives. First launched in France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and the UK, Technology Consulting will operate on a global scale, advising clients how to achieve concrete business outcomes. This new offering is pivotal to the transformation strategy of the Atos Tech Foundations business line.

At its Analyst Day in Paris on June 7, Atos announced a redefinition of the Tech Foundations’ portfolio to better address key customer priorities. Today, businesses must stay innovative and agile to survive and thrive amidst the complexity of the edge and cloud continuum. This requires a stronger alignment of IT decision making and implementation with business strategy. Technology Consulting is a new offering that supports both the business and technology sides of the organization, helping Atos clients anticipate technology trends, innovate at speed and stay ahead of the curve.

As part of a global IT leader, Technology Consulting has the footprint to deliver at scale, while being able to create customized digital journeys thanks to its local presence and client proximity. It leverages expertise from the entire Atos ecosystem, including technology partners, hyperscalers and the academic world. Technology Consulting is orchestrated by a team of global and local experts, and will grow through internal mobility and external hires. It aims to maximize the potential of generative artificial intelligence, data, analytics, automation and Internet of Things to help clients manage increasingly complex digital environments while addressing local market specificities.

Stéphane Richard, Global Head of Technology Advisory & Customized Services, Atos, said: “Technology Consulting builds both on Atos’ business insight and IT expertise and leverages proven methodologies, global capabilities and local touch. We are doers — leaders in employee experience for instance — with hands-on experience demonstrated by long-term customer relationships that average more than 20 years. Technology Consulting supports the multidisciplinary nature of digital transformation and ensures technology is fully leveraged, acting as a solid foundation for ever-evolving business strategies.”

Aleksandra Tyszkiewicz - Head of Technology Consulting, Atos, said: “We are building a modern, attractive and compelling service for our clients. Technology Consulting will focus on showing organizations the exact direction they should move in, identifying risks and opportunities. All of this is included in our portfolio of services — from assessment through strategy development, to a roadmap showing how to achieve it all. We think global but act local, building a consistent step-by-step partnership, based on the wealth of experience we have accumulated in different markets and different organizations.”

Technology Consulting, along with Customized Services, Integration Services and Maintenance & Support Services, is part of Tech Foundations’ “Technology advisory & customized services” business, which accounted for € 0.9 billion in revenue in 2022.

Tech Foundations is the Atos Group business line leading in managed services, focusing on hybrid cloud infrastructure, employee experience and technology services, through decarbonized, automated and AI-enabled solutions. Its 52,000 employees advance what matters to the world’s businesses, institutions and communities. It is present in 69 countries, with an annual revenue of € 6 billion.


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