Quantum Computing

Credit: Bartlomiej K Wroblewski /Shutterstock

Q-CTRL expands ‘software-defined’ quantum sensing

Q-CTRL, a developer of quantum control infrastructure software, is expanding its capabilities to deliver quantum sensing - harnessing the fragility of quantum technology to detect tiny signals for applications in navigation, defence, Earth observation and space

A quantum leap

Quantum technology is going through a period of rapid development, with several technologies driving the adoption of this emerging computing framework, finds Robert Roe

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Amazon announces a centre for quantum networking

Amazon has announced the AWS Center for Quantum Networking (CQN) with a mission to address these fundamental scientific and engineering challenges and to develop new hardware, software, and applications for quantum networks

Credit: Quantinuum

Quantinuum completes hardware upgrade


Quantinuum has completed a major upgrade to its System Model H1 technology that includes expanding to 20 fully connected qubits and increasing the number of quantum operations that can be completed in parallel.


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