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NMR analyser helps students learn about spectra

Last’s year’s acquisition of a site license of ACD/2D NMR Processor showed the students and faculty at Manchester University’s chemistry department just how easy it can be to gain access to their own NMR data. Now, the department has decided to retain the license, freeing up more valuable instrument time for research and learning, and providing additional access outside of Manchester’s network.

The department was looking for NMR processing software that could ease the burden on NMR experts and instrument time allowing users to process their own data away from the instrument. The software needed to be reliable and user-friendly enough for students to teach themselves. They chose the ACD/2D NMR Processor, and a site license granting access to authorised users over the university’s network was implemented.

The advantages of the software included its ability to attach chemical structures to spectra, automatically determining coupling constants. It’s easy-to-use reporting abilities also proved to be an important factor.

‘The volume and range of the School NMR services continues to expand, with more than 50,000 spectra being produced by our autosampler based spectrometers last year,’ said Roger Speak, analytical services manager, Manchester University School of Chemistry. ‘We looked at several packages, however the server resident, multi-seat ACD license provided the best available facilities with exceptional value for the money.’

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