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Thermo Fisher's catch of the day

Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) has signed up Thermo Fisher Scientific to install a Thermo Scientific Nautilus LIMS.


After a five-year phased roll-out, more than 150 users operating out of 12 different laboratories located in seven facilities across Canada will use the Thermo Scientific Nautilus LIMS. 


The volume of data managed by the LIMS will vary from programme to programme, but will initially reach more than 100,000 discrete samples yearly, and this is expected to increase at a rate of approximately 25,000 samples per year.


DFO will use the Thermo Scientific Nautilus LIMS to research, develop and understand Canada's three oceans, freshwaters and coastlines. Specifically, DFO will provide diagnostic services, test method development, regulatory research and expert scientific advice in collaboration with the Canadian Food inspection Agency.


DFO will implement the LIMS for use in Science Sector laboratories across Canada, focusing initially on the National Aquatic Animal Health Program (NAAHP).




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