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Roquette plays ball with Temis Information Intelligence offering

Roquette has rolled out Temis’ Luxid Information Intelligence solution across its worldwide sites to optimise its decision-making processes.

Roquette transforms three key crops into industrial raw materials and then markets its products in more than 100 countries, so the company has to understand technology, process and market trends, as well as anticipate competitors’ strategies. Roquette’s requirements for a competitive intelligence portal-based solution were for it to instantaneously combine and analyse multiple types of information to generate a dynamic and collaborative competitive intelligence work flow process. With this in mind, Roquette built its own competitive intelligence portal based upon Luxid.

Luxid uses two standard application modules to automatically identify entities, as well as relevant relationships contained in multilingual documents from heterogeneous sources. These modules are:

  • Text Mining 360° Skill Cartridge, which extracts entities like names of people, companies, organisations, products and locations as well as all numerical data.
  • Competitive Intelligence Life Science Edition Skill Cartridge, which identifies financial, business and stock information as well as any information dealing with participation, mergers, acquisition, joint-venture, research strategies or innovations.

Luxid allows Roquette to explore and analyse information through a wide range of advanced features like cross-analyses, dynamic information network mapping and clustering, real-time dashboards and automated user-defined scenarios analyses.

‘Luxid is a powerful tool enabling Roquette to structure information in accordance with many types of industry watch (competitive; technology; economic and financial; scientific and regulatory), by combining extracted information with research strategies (competitors, technologies and processes, suppliers)’, said Jean-Claude Lumaret, competitive intelligence division manager of Roquette. ‘With Luxid, analysts from our various departments can collaborate and fully exploit all information to automatically feed the decision-making process.’

Temis’ ‘Knowledge Browser’ also turns any document set into a navigable knowledge graph, displaying extracted entities and semantic relationships. This information modelling capability allows analysts to detect subtle relationships between concepts and entities which could easily be overlooked or remain undiscovered if they were utilising a traditional ‘key-word’ search technology for their competitive intelligence strategic decision making process.


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