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NEW: White paper from Merck KGaA

Reducing Risk and Improving Synthesis Outcomes with SYNTHIA Retrosynthesis Software

Addressing the many intrinsic and external challenges to chemical synthesis has led to a highly complex system of regulations that involve numerous academic and governmental organisations in modern times.

Existing methods have now been bolstered by powerful computer software with advanced algorithms to support the synthetic chemist and this is leading to new and innovative drugs that can be developed faster and with less risk. 

Like all technologies, computer-aided synthesis planning continues to evolve. Today’s modern synthesis planning software combines human ingenuity with artificial intelligence to quickly propose multi-step synthetic pathways. However, the proposed routes still require careful assessment and bench execution by a skilled synthetic organic chemist. It is at the discretion of the end user to determine which route is the best fit for the purpose at hand.

Therefore, the state of the art is best considered a decision support tool that can reduce risk of failure in the lab and plant, thereby reducing the cost of research and increasing profitability for commercial organisations. The game hasn’t yet changed, but this new age of synthesis planning feels more revolutionary than evolutionary.

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