LabNetwork integrates with Reaxys

Elsevier, a provider of scientific, technical and medical information products and services, has announced a collaboration with LabNetwork, WuXi AppTec’s global chemistry ecommerce platform.

LabNetwork’s nearly four million commercially available discovery, and research compounds will now be directly available to users of Reaxys, Elsevier’s premier chemistry database.

‘We are always looking for ways to support our customers to become more efficient and successful in their research,’ commented Dr Thibault Géoui, senior director for chemistry solutions at Elsevier. ‘This integration with LabNetwork streamlines a process that thousands of researchers undertake many times a day. Speeding up these activities helps companies’ commercialise their compounds faster, meaning that customers in rapidly developing markets, such as China, will benefit in particular. Not only because they will have peace of mind about the quality of the product they are investing in, but by boosting exports as well as improving in-country R&D.’

Reaxys contains more than 105 million organic, inorganic and organometallic compounds, 41 million chemical reactions, 500 million published experimental facts, 16,000 chemistry related periodicals, and six indexing sources for a cross-disciplinary view of chemistry.

The integration means that researchers will be able to easily compare the cost of buying a compound versus making it internally, allowing them to save time, accelerate research and better allocate budget resources.

Dr Xuanjia Peng, Head of LabNetwork, commented, ‘We’re excited to work with Elsevier, a world-leading research tool in the chemistry and life science industries, to better serve the global research community with more cost effective research chemicals to lower research cost. LabNetwork is committed to providing researchers across the world with unprecedented access to LabNetwork’s commercially available compounds from a broad range of quality sources.’

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