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Reducing Risk & Improving Synthesis Outcomes with SYNTHIA Retrosynthesis Software

Addressing the many intrinsic and external challenges to chemical synthesis has led to a highly complex system of regulations that involve numerous academic and governmental organizations in modern times. Existing methods have now been bolstered by powerful computer software with advanced algorithms to support the synthetic chemist and this is leading to new and innovative drugs that can be developed faster and with less risk.

We’ve come a long way from the earliest days of synthesis planning. Though ambitions of alchemical transmutation from base elements such as lead, to precious metals such as gold, have long since passed, the modern chemist still labors over a different kind of bubbling cauldron – one of cheminformatics. With hundreds of millions of known compounds and documented reactions, today’s synthesis planning relies on connecting the wisdom and practical expertise of an experienced organic chemist with the automation and advanced algorithms found in modern retrosynthesis software.

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