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Martin Jones joins Altair Engineering

Martin Jones has joined Altair Engineering's Product Design (PD) consultancy division to lead the full development of a new urban electric vehicle (EV).

Jones joins Altair from Tata Technologies where he was responsible for leading vehicle development programmes. He has a broad range of experience in the automotive industry at a senior level having held positions at JCB, IBM UK, and Rover Group.

Jones' role as European chief engineer is the result of Altair PD being selected as a development partner for a new luxury electric urban vehicle for a leading automotive company. Altair PD is responsible for vehicle development from concept to production, and it will draw upon its global engineering expertise and use of its proven simulation-driven design process to deliver the programme.

'I have held some challenging management positions and privileged senior engineering leadership roles throughout my career,' said Jones. 'The difference at Altair PD to any of my previous roles is the immediate availability of highly skilled, innovative engineers that are equipped with best-in-class leading edged simulation tools and techniques they need to do the job properly.'


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