Tecplot acquired by Vela Software

Tecplot, a provider of visual data analysis software for engineers and scientists in the aerospace and oil and gas industries, has announced that it has been acquired by Vela Software, an operating group of Constellation Software.

Tecplot also announced that co-founders Don Roberts and Mike Peery, who previously served as CEO and chairman, respectively, will retire. Tom Chan, Tecplot’s vice president of customer development and a 20-year employee of the company, was named president.

‘Mike Peery and I are delighted that we can place the company that we have grown and nurtured for 35 years into the strong hands of Vela,’ Roberts said. ‘Their expertise in growing software companies gives Tecplot a solid foundation upon which it can build into the future. We are very pleased that Tom Chan, who has held key leadership positions at Tecplot for two decades, will be the new president.’

Founded in 1981, Tecplot develops, designs, and sells a variety of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) post-processing solutions used by engineers and scientists to help them unlock insights from complex data via visual analysis.

Tecplot’s core product suite includes Tecplot 360 and Tecplot RS; Tecplot 360 enables engineers and scientists to plot data effectively, analyse complex solutions, arrange multiple layouts, and communicate output effectively to enhance aerodynamic design. Tecplot RS gives oil & gas engineers the ability to manage and analyse simulation data, uncover knowledge about reservoir model behaviour, and gain confidence in making crucial production decisions.

‘For 35 years, Don and Mike have guided our company based on a set of unwavering core values – commitment to customers, commitment to each other, commitment to the community, and never-ending technological innovation,’ Chan said. ‘I am honoured to continue their legacy as Tecplot’s new president. My message to our customers is business as usual. You will continue to be our top priority.’

As an operating group of Constellation Software, Toronto-based Vela Software acquires, manages, and builds specific software businesses that provide specialised software solutions.

‘We are excited to enter the aerospace and oil & gas vertical markets with the acquisition of Tecplot, and we welcome their employees and customers to the Constellation family,’ said Vela CEO John Billowits. ‘We look forward to working with the Tecplot team to continue to build on their innovative industry-leading visual data analysis solutions.’

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