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IBM invests in cloud computing for emerging markets

IBM has opened four new cloud computing centres in emerging markets. They are in Sao Paulo, Brazil; Bangalore, India; Seoul, Korea; and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, where there is an increasing demand for internet-based computing models and skills to help companies compete in highly competitive environments. With previously opened centres in both emerging and mature markets, IBM now has 13 cloud computing centres, the world's largest network of expertise on cloud computing.  

In Vietnam, universities, government ministries and telecommunication vendors are leaders in adopting new technology such as cloud computing, which helps to create new services. In Korea, the new centre will provide architecture skills and pilot projects for industries such as banking, telecommunications, government, education, and information technology hosting services. In India, clients such as mid-market vendors, universities, telecommunications companies and government bodies will be able to access the centre for the resources they need to pilot cloud infrastructures and applications, and deliver new services to their customers. Clients in Brazil will use the new centre to generate business such as massive scale collaboration programs.

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