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Symbolic computation drives design

Maplesoft has announced that its ongoing partnership with Toyota Motor Engineering and Manufacturing North America has been expanded to include a new project.

The initiative will see the car manufacturer use new symbolic computation methods in control design, with a strong focus on methods for linear, nonlinear, and parametric systems.

The main goal of the new Symbolic Control project is research that leads to the implementation of symbolic design and analysis methods for linear, nonlinear and parametric robust control.

New research will allow developers to consider system nonlinearities, modelling inaccuracies, and parametric uncertainties in the design process. As a result, Toyota expects to shorten development time while maintaining high-quality results.

The project follows the completion of another successful Maplesoft initiative for Toyota, which saw high-end research and implementation of new methods for model simplification and preprocessing of high level acausal dynamical models.

Simplification enables the conversion of high-level descriptive models into smaller executable models for faster execution and provides for better analysis, higher efficiency, and more accurate simulation.

Model simplification allows engineers to focus on describing the physical properties of the system in an equation-based manner. It also makes use of the power of mathematical equations to better manage models, so engineers obtain the optimal results faster.


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