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ELN to integrate with chemistry workflow solution

PerkinElmer’s electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) and Elsevier’s Reaxys, a web-based workflow solution designed for chemistry researchers in drug discovery, chemicals and academic research, can now be integrated. Chemical searches in Reaxys can be initiated in an experimental section in the ELN, based on existing or newly-drawn compounds or reactions. Results are then immediately available. Once suitable reaction(s) are located and selected in Reaxys, they can be exported directly to the ELN and inserted into a ready to be carried out experiment, complete with reaction scheme, stoichiometry table and preparation text.

‘As chemists are increasingly turning to electronic laboratory notebooks to plan, execute and record their experiments, they also need ready access to complementary tools and data sources directly within the ELN interface.’ said Michael Stapleton, general manager, PerkinElmer Informatics. ‘The interoperability of our ELN and Elsevier’s Reaxys provides researchers with access to extensive information on chemical compounds and related physical and pharmacological properties so that they can better decisions. This integration also allows researchers to save valuable time by providing the ability to rapidly search and import external data while eliminating transcription errors.’

Customers who already have both systems can integrate the ELN with Reaxys at no extra charge.


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