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Altair acquires Cedrat

Altair has announced that it has acquired Cedrat and its New York-based wholly-owned subsidiary, Magsoft, expanding the electromagnetic and thermal simulation capabilities of its HyperWorks CAE portfolio.

Based in Grenoble, France, and with more than 35 years of experience in electrical engineering, Cedrat is a developer of low frequency electromagnetics simulation for electric motor design.

‘Complementing the Altair HyperWorks simulation software suite with our solutions dedicated to electromagnetism, we are joining forces with a leader and now have access to new technologies and resources to help us offer more to users in this ever-accelerating world. By joining the Altair team, we will bring the electromagnetic expertise that has made our reputation over time, and allow us to meet new challenges and explore new, and so far inaccessible, horizons’ said Vincent Leconte, technical director, Cedrat.

The addition of Flux, a software package for electromagnetic and thermal simulation, enhances Altair’s electromagnetic simulation portfolio by addressing lower frequency simulation requirements.

The acquisition of Cedrat and its Flux technology adds to Altair’s broad software coverage and domain expertise to support Internet of Things (IoT) and the rapidly growing EM market.  Cedrat follows Altair’s prior acquisitions of Feko high-frequency electromagnetics technology in 2014, and most recently WinProp wave propagation and radio network planning software. These strategic acquisitions in combination with our technology development have placed Altair on an accelerated growth path in the EM space.

James R Scapa, Altair’s Founder, Chairman and CEO, stated that with the application of communication controls ‘the ability to simulate and optimise these systems for performance, usability and resource management is a key driver in their design.’ 

‘We will continue to invest in both our people and technology roadmap to deliver the most relevant simulation-driven design solutions to support IoT now and into the future.


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