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Definiens used in drug discovery

Pharmaceutical company Servier has installed Definiens technology into two drug discovery research facilities located in Suresnes and Croissy-sur-Seine, France.


The Definiens Enterprise Image Intelligence Suite will be installed at the core Discovery Research facilities at Suresnes, and at Croissy-sur-Seine, which are two research centres specialising in brain disease, cardiovascular, neuropsychopharmacology, and oncology.

During the last ten years, nearly 25 per cent of Servier’s turnover has been invested in R&D. In order to assess the value of a drug candidate as early as possible, predictive preclinical models of human pathologies are crucial. Here, automated molecular pathology-based technologies are needed, as these approaches provide a greater understanding of the quantitative expression of targets and biomarkers relevant to pathogenic processes.


However, those technologies need to be combined with intelligent image analysis technologies. Brian Lockhart, director of Servier’s Division Molecular Pharmacology and Pathophysiology, said: ‘In order to put molecular histopathology at the core of Servier’s drug discovery programmes, the decision to integrate Definiens’ innovative and robust Definiens Enterprise Image Intelligence Suite is a critical step in the success of this strategy.’



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