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Collaboration promises free runtime for research products

Convey Computer has announced that Nimbix, a provider of accelerated high-performance cloud computing, has partnered with Convey to expand its hybrid-core (HC) infrastructure, as part of the 'Accelerated Genomics Cloud' (TAGC) promotion, which provides free runtime for qualified applicants.

The Convey HC-2ex platform will be used in research projects for customers who take advantage of the promotion.

A total of $25,000 worth of cloud processing time will be awarded to genomics researchers to boost their bioinformatics analysis. Top award recipients will receive $1,000 of runtime each, which is enough to map up to three terabases of reads – providing the ability to analyse, for example, a dozen human genomes at significant coverage. Remaining qualified applicants will receive $500 of runtime.

TAGC promotion began 30 April, and the first awards will be granted as soon as the application review process allows. The promotion will end on 1 July, or once all funding has been awarded. Interested participants are encouraged to apply quickly by registering at

For those applicants selected, runtime will include a pool of Nimbix resources, which includes a mix of Convey and standard large memory systems configured to provide the best performance across a range of applications and workflows. These may include reference mapping, de novo assembly, functional annotation, variant analysis and RNA expression profiling. For example, participants will have access to the full Convey Bioinformatics Suite, as well as third-party applications optimised for the hybrid-core architecture.

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