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DDN to invest $100 million in exascale R&D

DataDirect Networks (DDN) has announced the establishment of a $100 million investment in its research and development efforts, specifically directed at resolving key challenges to achieving exascale levels of performance in scientific computing. This substantial investment will aid the investigation of I/O acceleration, converged infrastructures, information value extraction, and energy and data centre efficiency.

‘Data-intensive computing impacts individuals, organisations, industries and governments by enabling the creation of valuable information based on massive volumes of highly complex data,’ said Alex Bouzari, CEO and cofounder, DDN. ‘Significant investment is required to allow researchers to address challenges such as the design of new materials needed for better electric car batteries, the improvement of multi-physics models for more accurate severe weather modelling, and the development of high-resolution cosmological simulations to help understand dark matter and the universe around us.

'With today’s announcement, DDN is establishing a clear direction for our exascale computing agenda and reaffirms DDN’s continued central role in the future of supercomputing,' he added.

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