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Siemens to acquire Vistagy

Siemens is expanding its industrial software portfolio with the acquisition of Vistagy, a supplier of specialised engineering software and services with emphasis on designing and manufacturing structures made of advanced composite materials.

Siemens is continuing to add industry-specific engineering software to its industrial software portfolio for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). Already today, Siemens is among the technology leaders for the automation of production lines for carbon fibre components. With the acquisition of Vistagy, Siemens will become the only company worldwide to support the whole value creation for carbon fiber components with its software tools – from product definition and development to manufacturing and service.

'Advanced software solutions tailored to specific industry requirements are vital for companies to achieve the next level of performance in their products. This type of industry focus will be the differentiating factor for success in the industry software market,' said Anton S Huber, CEO of the Siemens Industry Automation Division. 'The planned integration of our PLM Software business with Vistagy’s universally acknowledged expertise in industry-specific software, such as composites, will make us the partner of choice in this market today and well into the future.'


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