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AccelerEyes announces agreement with Lenovo

AcceleEyes has announced an agreement to bring better Matlab performance to Lenovo ThinkStation workstation, ThinkCentre desktops and ThinkPad laptops through GPU computing.

Through this relationship, Lenovo customers are eligible to receive a free six-month license for Jacket software, enabling simple adaptation of existing Matlab codes to run on the GPU for acceleration.

Matlab is the most popular productive computation package used by scientists, engineers, and researchers across the world. Acceleration technologies, such as Jacket from AccelerEyes, benefit users by helping them innovate faster and stay at the forefront of innovation and technology leadership.

Jacket is the premier software library for GPU computing in Matlab. It enables thousands of Matlab functions to run on the GPU without modification. Jacket programmers are able to convert existing Matlab codes to use the GPU in minutes, not weeks or months required to write good low-level code.

'At Lenovo, we’re committed to helping our customers do more by bringing them the latest innovations,' said Tom Tobul, vice president marketing, Software and Peripherals Business Unit, Lenovo. 'By working with AccelerEyes on their Jacket software, we're offering Matlab users an exclusive six-month license so they can experience firsthand the increased computing speed and productivity associated with GPU acceleration.'

'Lenovo PC products deliver great performance and are uniquely capable of delivering excellent value to Matlab programmers,' said John Melonakos, CEO of AccelerEyes. 'Lenovo CPUs are each enhanced by powerful Nvidia Cuda-capable GPUs. We are pleased to make Jacket freely available to Lenovo owners to advance scientific, financial, and engineering efforts.'

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