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Data management solution provides oasis for Nevada University

The University of Nevada’s Proteomics Center is working with GenoLogics to deploy its lab and scientific data management system.  

The Nevada Proteomics Center provides high quality, high-throughput, cost-efficient proteomic and metabolomic services to researchers in Nevada, including mass spectral analyses for small molecules and Edman protein sequencing. 

Dr Karen Schlauch, director of the Center of Bioinformatics at the University of Nevada, said: ‘One of our long-term goals as a Bioinformatics Core is to develop robust bioinformatics tools and resources to support integrative studies across our university’s core facilities, enabling a type of systems biology approach. To facilitate our approach, we selected GenoLogics to install their informatics solution called Proteus, which aggregates data from several proteomic technological platforms in our lab and can ultimately be integrated with LIMS across our other cores.’

Proteus combines the strength of a robust multi-science platform while maintaining its unique application features for proteomics research. It improves lab efficiency by automating data capture from instrument and software integrations and by seamlessly tracking projects, samples and results. As a ready-to-use solution, Proteus can be deployed within weeks, while also being easily configured for each lab’s new technologies, workflows and user-level preferences.

The National Institutes of Health require all facilities receiving INBRE support to deliver an annual progress report that includes a list of publications and presentations that reference data generated from INBRE supported cores. In addition to providing a centralised data management system, Proteus enables collaboration with its secure online communication interface called LabLink. As a recipient of an INBRE grant, the institution can easily facilitate collaboration with client groups, as well as publish timely reports for the NIH. 

Proteus operates on a highly configurable and adaptable platform that can support many sciences across multiple facilities. The platform includes features such as the Adaptive Reporting Framework, which allows customers to integrate data from different sources and enhance their scientific data analysis. And with an open database architecture, Proteus is a flexible informatics solution that can cost-effectively adapt to the evolving needs of research laboratories and new technologies.


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