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Vialis and Industrial Lab Automation collaborate

Vialis and Industrial Lab Automation have announced that they are to join forces to strengthen their consultation offerings in Europe. Headquartered in Liestal, Switzerland, Vialis is an independent consulting company and system integrator that specialises in optimising laboratory data management processes in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

‘Strong demands to help companies optimise their processes to break their barriers across development and manufacturing resulted in teaming up with Vialis,’ said Peter Boogaard, founder of Industrial Lab Automation. ‘Vialis’ paperless lab process methodology accelerates the overall process significantly.’

Ulf Fuchslueger, CEO of Vialis, commented that the partnership is a result of strong demand from northern European customers and that, supported by recent regulatory developments, Vialis sees Quality by Design (QbD) as complementing its paperless lab offering.

A strong proponent of QbD, Boogaard added that he believes QbD will be the norm within 10 years, leading to significant improvement in manufacturing efficiency. ‘The power of a paperless laboratory is the ability to enable organisations to implement self-documenting processes that produce GxP-compliant documentation that eliminates unnecessary tasks from the workflow.

‘QbD and paperless lab processes enables organisations to create a start-to-finish knowledge management repository and adopt cross-functional collaborations between management, scientists and engineers responsible for products in development and manufacturing, processes, equipment and facilities.’

Based in the Netherlands, Boogaard will be managing the northern part of Europe for Vialis.


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