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CLC bio and Biobase to offer integration option

CLC Bio and Biobase have launched a plug-in for the former's new framework for visualising, combining and analysing genome data, Genome Gateway, which integrates the human-curated biological databases contained in Biobase's Genome Trax.

COO at Biobase, Dr Frank Schacherer, said: 'Genomics Gateway from CLC bio is a powerful solution to implement a track-based view of our databases, which not only makes it easy to filter the results, but it also eliminates the need to build your own scripts for this type of work. We're confident researchers will find the combination of an integrated and intuitive solution for advanced analyses combined with expert-curated biological databases, very valuable.'

Bioinformatics specialist at CLC bio, Dr Anika Joecker, adds: 'For example in a re-sequencing workflow, once you have done your mapping, read removal, SNP/DIP detection, and structural variation detection, you're typically looking for the interesting, disease-related mutations. This plug-in adds several tracks to a Genomics Gateway trackset, for instance a track for variations found in inherited diseases - the HGMD database - and one track for gene-disease relations. Based on that you can filter your variations to find the ones that are probably causing the disease - simple, yet very efficient.'

Genome Trax license holders will have access to the data in Biobase's online databases, including 3,000+ regulatory sites from Transfac, 80,000+ disease-linked mutations from HGMD Professional, 600,000+ ChIP-Seq fragments with best binding site predictions, Post Translational Modifications (PTMs), and Transcription Start Sites (TSSs). The plug-in that integrates these expert-curated biological databases with CLC bio's platform is free of charge.


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