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Cluster Resources to provide Cray personal supercomputer parts

Cluster Resources will provide the Moab Hybrid Cluster on the new Cray CX1 personal supercomputer.

The Cray CX1 personal supercomputer, unveiled by Cray recently, is built for offices or other constrained environments and requires neither a dedicated room nor special power sources. It is a versatile cluster with up to eight blades and combines high-performance computing graphics with storage capability. The Cray CX1 system brings simplified job submission and monitoring without sacrificing maximum compute performance and scalability.


The Cray CX1 supercomputer is built to run on either the new Microsoft Windows HPC Server 2008 or Linux operating systems. However, with the addition of the Moab Hybrid Cluster solution, the Cray CX1 system will be able to run both Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems concurrently, dynamically switching between the two operating systems based on workload, defined policies, and application needs.


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