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Chinese contract for HPC mathematics software

Maplesoft has won a lucrative contract in China. Shanghai Jiatong University has recently purchased several network licences for the Maple mathematics software, which will be used for ocean engineering and naval architecture.

The researchers will also make use of Maplesoft’s HPC-Grid Toolbox to harness the power of high performance computing to solve advanced fluid dynamics problems. This will allow many more calculations to be performed, in a much shorter time. The computations will be run across many different processors, joined on one CPU or in a network.

Professor Xufeng Wang of Shanghai Jiatong University said: ‘We believe that the use of productivity tools like Maple will help our students and researchers become more competent as we increasingly participate in the global market.’

China is a growing market for Maplesoft, and one it is actively embracing. ‘With China being one of the largest and fastest growing emerging economies in the world, we plan to expand our presence in the region and work with our local partner, CCA Engineering Simulation Software, to better service the market,’ said Jim Cooper, president and CEO of Maplesoft.


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