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Toronto students make use of design tools

Graduate students and engineers from the Space Flight Laboratory (SFL) at the University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies (UTIAS) are using Mathworks tools for model-based design to develop high-performance attitude control systems.

'Using MathWorks tools on SFL projects equips our students with invaluable, practical space systems engineering experience,' said Dr Robert Zee, director of the SFL. 'Matlab and Simulink provided the opportunity for graduate students to work side by side with engineers and gain practical experience on a system that will actually fly in space.'

The students used Matlab and Simulink as the foundation for their research at the SFL, first developing a preliminary design of a satellite system, and then, working closely with SFL engineers, using this design to model and test precision attitude control systems. Matlab and Simulink also provided a common language for more seamless collaboration with professors and experts at other universities in Canada.

'The University of Toronto's use of Matlab and Simulink for education, innovation, and collaboration is a prime example of how our tools can advance engineering both inside and outside the classroom,' said Maureen Maher, manager of education marketing at MathWorks. 'Our tools provide a consistent environment that not only supports engineering students from their first-year classes through graduate-level work, but also enables universities around the world to turn out students who are prepared to tackle real-world challenges.'


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