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Biotech project gets new member

Genedata, which provides software for research in biotechnology, life science, and drug discovery, has joined the Integrated Phenotype-Genotype (IPG) project.

The IPG is an industry-led research consortium of biotechnology companies, including Evonik Industries and GATC, as well as the Bielefeld University Centre of Biotechnology. The project is co-funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). Consortium members will contribute intellectual property and technologies to develop a high-throughput phenotype-genotype platform, which will identify complex genetic effects influencing phenotypes relevant to industrial biotechnology production. Genedata Selector will be used for data analysis and management of these production strains and processes.

'Correlating the productivity of our proprietary microbial production strains with their genotypes in the IPG project is extremely challenging, in particular matching the synergistic combinations of mutations against a high background of random mutations,' said Stephan Hans, senior scientist, Evonik Industries.

The IPG integrates two complementary high-throughput (HT) platforms: phenotyping and genotyping. The main applications are in industrial biotech strain and process development.


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