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Pairing up for training in gene expression analysis

Ariadne, which makes bioinformatics software, has become a partner of the Affymetrix University Gene Expression Training Programme. Ariadne will provide instruction on pathway analysis during each of the three-day, hands-on training programmes in North America and Europe. The company's software, Pathway Studio, enables pathway analysis of the entire probe list, associating genes into like–functioned or like–associated biological properties using advanced data analysis algorithms. Pathway analysis adds a biological perspective to experimental data.

'We have worked closely with Ariadne on a number of projects and are happy to be able to extend our partnership to the Affymetrix University Gene Expression Training Programme,' said Greg Fisher, associate director of strategic marketing at Affymetrix. 'Ariadne's Pathway Studio product has proved to meet the needs of the students that attend our Affymetrix University courses and their expertise in pathway analysis and biological interpretation of microarray data will be a critical component of our data analysis course work.'


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