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American university accepts delivery of Russian-built supercomputer

T-Platforms has announced the completion of the first Russian-built HPC system, delivered to the State University of New York at Stony Brook (SBU). The scale-out ‘V-Class’ system was chosen by SBU based on a combination of compute density, power efficiency, sustained performance and integrated chassis-level management. In addition, the company’s tender bid was the only one that included a complete range of customer services to integrate the supercomputer into the university infrastructure, and test it under different loads in order to fine-tune the system software to specific research needs.

The system is based on T-Platforms’ V5000 enclosure, populated with 10 V205 compute nodes and equipped with AMD Opteron 6238 processors, a management node and CentOS operating system. The system's capacity is 2.5 TFlops and the actual performance exceeded 80 per cent of the peak Linpack results. To meet contract obligations, T-Platforms has fine-tuned the VASP quantum mechanics and molecular dynamics software package, designed to enable modelling of atomic-molecular and electron-nuclear systems. As a result, software performance increased by 27 per cent.

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