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Agilent to partner with Strand Scientific Intelligence

Agilent Technologies and Strand Scientific Intelligence (the US subsidiary of Strand have formed an agreement to expand the scope of the Agilent GeneSpring bioinformatics system across multiple life-science disciplines, driving future innovation, and delivering new channels for accessing the software and customer support.

'We intend to lead the way in providing tools for integrated biology research, and partnering with Strand is an excellent way of addressing the all-important bioinformatics part of the equation,' said Gustavo Salem, vice president and general manager of Agilent's Biological Systems division. 'Studies combining multiple ’omics [genomics, metabolomics, or proteomics] experiments are finally delivering the results that were hoped for years ago from systems biology and true translational research, and this is one example of what Agilent is doing to fuel future breakthroughs in biomedical research.'

'We’ve enjoyed a close working relationship with Agilent over the past three years developing GeneSpring for gene expression and Mass Profiler Professional for metabolomics and proteomics,' said Francois Mandeville, Strand executive vice president. 'We’re extremely pleased to take this partnership up to the next level. Developing new scientific intelligence solutions that enable scientists to integrate, model and visualise biological information is an important part of this new agreement, and we also look forward to going beyond this, developing new ways to deliver, customise and support these solutions.'

The first tool scheduled to emerge from this partnership will be a version of GeneSpring designed to help users perform statistical analyses of and visualise data from genomics, metabolomics and proteomics together for the first time, using a familiar interface. The partnership also will leverage Strand's technology to enable integrated next generation sequencing analysis capabilities for GeneSpring users.


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